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>> all right stocks to keep leading the market are still high. ben? >> mr. buffet loves railroad and i love railroad. ctx. i love it. >> i love railroads even
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before warren buffet and i also like gen deletessee wyoming. >> what are you doing. i am in awe of ultrasalon. it is an amazing company. stocks got hit. forget it it is an amazing buy. >> adam? >> i hate to doubt you, charles. but it sounds fattish to me. >> what are you doing, adam? >> a company call would home away. they help people to rent out homes when they are not there. this is public and doing extremely well. >> how great would it be to rent out your home. >> i usud to do that with aspen . it is a business of flakes and i would not put a penny into it. >> that's will do it >> consumers getting a big kick
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in the gas. it is 50 cents higher and now the pressure over the key stone pipe line is on. republicans calling on the white behite to pass it and environmentalist taking to the streets to protist it which side will ease your main in the company. we'll go in focus with mr. steve forbes. rich and elizabeth and mike and steve. will it lower pricis? >> it will certainly h. a stable dollar would help, too. >> private money is it willing to do this and take the risk. let them take the risk and we'll be the beneficiaries. >> is it finally time with high gas prices to let it work? >> i think it will happen. i wish i could be as hopeful in terms of the ben ficts as steve is.
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there are 90 million pump've -- pumped out every day. it will not accomplish what everyone believes it will. you have to weigh that to the damage it would be doing. >> it is not overnight but in the long run it will help. >> a tiny, tiny bit. rick pointed out that oil is sold in a global market place. the investment should be encouraged because it is money chasing the profit motive and using taxpayer money to share his grand vision of the future utopia that no one wants to buy. >> rich, specifically president obama said high gas prices are a result of world wide demand and not much to do with supply as it does with
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demand jacking up the prices. if there is more wouldn't that pull down the prices. >> i like it because it adds to stability. i don't like buying oil from venezuela and companies in the middle east that are funding tirce terse to kill us. if we move from unstable sources to stable source us is good even if the price doesn't change a penny. >> there is also the jobs that are creted on this. >> and there could be environmental degradation. he is right to be concerned. but if we rearrange the energy supply we could have cliner and cheaper and step one is open the pipe line and end the
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corn ethnoil boondoingle . frac more gas and phase out coal. you would have cleaner oil and cheaper energy. >> that is all of the above. the president claims he's for all above and look at epa stopping fracing and stopping a lot of ways we get oil. who knows, he may listen to the protestors. >> what is interesting, there is it a way to get around the water aquarks afers and if we don't take it here, china will take it they have no pollution control there . there will be a psychological impact if you take oil tarsanings. up in canada. they are third behind venezuela and saudi arabia in the amount of reserves and equal to two-thirds of what venezuela sales on the market. it would be a psyche longical
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impact. >> emac bringings up a fantastic point. the way they drill for oil in places like venezuela and russia is awful. compared to our oil spims and there is it always a risk and a dange in getting these things, but don't we do it best? >> you will not have. if youment perfection go and live in a cave. this is private money willing to take the risk . how about easing restrictions on federal lands and have the fly. if pime want to put up the capitol for it great. we'll be the beneficial. >> environmentam i felt are against any plan to get oil. >> you might be getting a bit carried away. let me respond to a few things. to rich's point that it will
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create stability. if we could be assured that the oil coming in the refinement that oil would say in the u.s.. that is swell but that is not the case. the president is it pursuing the all of the above. epa is trying to make sure fraking remains safe. >> if flows in the gulf in the refineries and all over the mississippi they are gearing up for the new thicker oil sands from canada and they are preparing to convert that oil in gasoline? >> yeah, stability and volatility are important things. we all assume when we calk about oil as a commodity and goes to the highest bidder we are operating in a free trade
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system. it collapses every once in a while . the more we move toward stable stoufs the betters for the economy in the long run. >> the interesting point about jobbings. unions want the pipe lines. >> of course thape do. >> the members saying we want the jobs here. there is it an irony to what the protestors are all about. they don't want the pipe line because it will unwind autoefficiency standards and we have electric fired from energy from coal that really pollute. >> i don't believe rick's protestations that the democrats want all of the above. our governor in new york state doesn't like nuclear and like fraking but he is not interested in turning down his air conditioner. >> the president will have to choose between the environmentalist who are protesting loudly and on the
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other side the union guys who want the jobs, who should he choose? >> he should choose union and he will go to the environmentam. he believes it is bad. >> rick, not only has he said that past. but mr. c, had u said that. >> when did they say it a bad thing. >> they are the carbon. >> he has a dinosaur that oil is a thing . past. always expect the unexpect would. >> last word from mr. forbes. forget the smoking dream liners. union workers are steamed and threatening to the strike with what workers live with every day. should thape get their way, even if it leads to fewer jobbings, want debate coming
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up next. fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> hi, everyone. lich from america's news headquarters. we are covering a massive leak that independent south central washington. six tanks that old a brew of radio active and toxic waist are leaking in the hanford nuclear reservation. there is no health west. plan to leak out the tanks faced an investigation . a dramatic site in a woman clinging to her car for life. a good samaritan pulled her to sphaste. it is it the worst storm to hit athens in half century. we'll have much more on a new scientific push to clear
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althiemers and parkinson. >> is a 401 not okay? they rather see workeros the picket line . twice as many boeing workers accepted the plan. the union hold outs are threatening to shut it down as they struggle to fix the battery fiasco. it is it another can example of unions looking out for themselves rather than the workers. >> it is another thing to look out for it it is it rainfall by boeing. but new workers go on a 401 k. they are not taking anything from the existing workers. soy they are trying to wind back to the past instemmed of the future competition that is coming down the road from places like brazil.
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>> if the union shut down a company, the pensions go bust and a 401 k, you can take that with you. >> you can make arguments. but let's not mess with the facts. the current plan and defined benefit plan is a better ritirement plan than the 401 k. >> and we are not too worried about boeing. >> i can understand the argument about taking wob forthe team in a tough time. but wouldn't that be more effective if the ceo paid 13 million a year . 30 million in stockings. why hasn't he stepud up and said i am going to take a cup. >> i don't know who you are talking about? >> the ceo of boeing. >> john, the fact that a lot of union efforts do lead to
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shut down of companies or plants. are the unions more interested in their own future than the workerings. >> they are more interested in their own future . the problem is . this is going on for deck aleds. union dimands are mistorically divorced from reality . if they are unprofitable they will go the way of the pay phone. >> are the unions more interested in the workers? >> i am not shocked. it was found that people look out for number one. >> only bill baldwin. >> and so the ceoments to line his pocketings and the union executives want it . they help the union members and they help the commiand it workings that way. would this help because they go on strike because of this?
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>> no, and ish -- wish the union worker at boeing would silt the up and look. boeing put out an earnings before pension, buse the is nearly 20 billion . boeing is it seeing that dragging down the balance sheet and you want to make the company survive so it can pay out. it is going in the opposite direction . i tell you something, verizon and a t & t and ford are seeing this come down the pike. it is it a bad frind. >> we have examples companies going bust as a result of the union demands. we had that with caterpillar and american airlines . so it has happened a bit recently. yes, it has . the irony here. four percent growth and unions
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will be a better bargains position with boeing. >> and so the unions should be supporting pro growth rather than the anti. >> if we were growing and the country growing and down size pulling in our belts more. beaing , be doing better and everybody would be happier? >> yes, that is it all well i am not sure how boeing would be doing better. >> more people would be flying and airplanes needed. >> we are a week away from facing a serious down sizing. >> it is not serious at all. >> we will talk about that in the next segment. >> it is it 44 billion dollars with what we are talking about the sequestitration cuts on
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march 1st. rick, the bottom line if we are growing faster it is better for boeing and the union. >> it is it better for everyone. how that equates of a decent retirement pension benefit is beyond me. >> hold ojohn, 15,000 workers agreed to plan it is it the 7000 union workers that are stalling the. john, go ahead. >> if you want a good retirement, you have to have the economy growing. rick is against taxes and stable dollar and deregulation. >> it is it workers and engineering accepted it and it is the technical workers union that rejected it and they are half the total number. >> that's the difference between smart and destructive. they know it is it more uncertain and they will have the 401 k .
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you have the vibrant economy they will do well. but in terms was defined benefit plans. >> steve is not paying me for this but gets the last word again. >> coming up. is our surging debt putting your hoim security at risk? both republicans and democrats playing up the fire on budget cuts and can we make cuts without paying . cuts that won't put anyone at risk, coming up next great, everybody made it.
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we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move,
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cut without anybody geth hurt . stocks that will pump you
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>> 800,000 defense workers fages unpaid leave and 4000 mentally ill untreated and on the street. too many scare tactics coming out of dc ahead of the automatic spending cuttings. but with a 3.8 trillion surely 85 million can be cut without harming? our five are offering up and we'll not be so sure they're square tactics . and that is notted're not cutting in the sequester.
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>> and that is the low hanging flute and weapon system that is don't make sense. >>i emac? >> the government work force by 10 percent. it has grown under president obama and cut the pay five percent. federal pay did not go down in the great and cutut foreign aid to the brotherhood. >> get rid of obama care and tax hike is going to really hurt the economy. if you get rid of obama care. you can save money . and that is incompetent . and so i say end the drug war. right there you can get rid of dea agents and get rid of prisons that have people in
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there just because they have a different way of wanting to be feeling good. >> steve has so many cuts that it adds up to more than 17 billion and almost 85 billion there. >> how about 12 billion of wind energy credits. >> windmillings. >> 12 billion more for wind fills . 20 billion of pork in the sandy bill . subsidies to higher education . how about no more sib sidies unless colleges freeze or cut tuition. that save monep. >> steve what about rick's claim that cutting firefighters. >> this is typical washington monument. they make sure it is the most public and so the pressure is on to say to restore. you could cut 200 billion and no one would notice. >> both congress and the president if they want to
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negotiate could get together and spisify and you would not have automatic personnel cuts. >> but the president and congress both studies of the aisle . to keep fighting and that's not the way we should g. >> the whole point of the sequester is it do public things. >> it the president's idea to have that. >> so what, they all voted for it. >> no thanks. >> we will not hear from steve on the last word but we thank him for being here. >> and now they have helped to ease pain in the pump, that's next.
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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